For starters, my new web page that I hope you will find more
convenient to shop and easier to navigate. A new look!
A face lift! I'm kickin' it up a  notch!
Celebrating our 11th year in business!
Designer type perfumes: look for them soon!
It's an "Eastern Blitz": Sandalwoods, Musks,
Jasmines and 'Floriental' Blends coming in soap!
Increased selection of some of the finest rare &
exotic essential oils in the world!
Monthly specials on soaps and lotions in your
local market!
New lotion packaging sizes!
New fragrances and bulk fragrance now available!
At Sunset Beach Products, we make luxury an affordable word!
"I'm just an aromatic kinda guy, what can I say? I love scents!"
In making a product that my customers will use and enjoy, originally out of
my childhood intrigue for chemistry (formulation) coupled with a culinary
arts degree (food ingredient science, a good nose and a passion for cooking), I
developed a line of soaps and skin products that 'love your skin' ... and they
smell awesome too!

Artisan Natural Soaps, Shea Butter Lotions & Balms, Body Scents,
Lip Balms, Healing Lotions, Essential Oils, Carrier oils, Fragrances,
ARNICA PRODUCTS, Natural Pain Relief Lotion, Capsicum and &
Ginger Arnica Lotion, Unscented Arnica Lotion, Bam Bam Balm,
Comfrey Root, Comfrey Products.
Lake Havasu City, Arizona:
People's Choice Best Booth Award
23rd Annual Winterfest
Presented by the LHC Chamber to
Sunset Beach Products
Fresh Peppermint
The Patriot Soap - Oaky &
Woodsy, I invented the blend in
2007 on the 4th of July!
Shea Butter Balms
Lavender Skin Scrub